Things not to do when you have no windows…

October 18, 2018

The moral of this story is, when you have a number of absent fly-shields don’t decide to slow cook a pot of chicken drumsticks, because flies like chicken and they will come in great numbers!

The Chez has never seen so many flies.

Of course, as the new windows went in, the flies were trapped indoors. Not that they seemed to mind, because… well… delicious chicken. I think they must feed simply by inhaling the cooking fumes. The whole lot of them were dancing around happily in the air seemingly pleased with themselves.

Ol’Untucked is thankfully a reasonable fly-wrangler and so all bar one – he be wily – have been caught and returned to their natural not-my-house habitat! Also, the chicken dish turned out pretty well.


Because, then, painting occurs

October 14, 2018

New windows! They’re in and the Chez is feeling pretty pleased with itself. Of course, no renovation is complete without complications… turns out there are some droopy eaves (who knew that was a thing) and, in usual Ol’Untucked fashion I’ve looked at my naked rooms and realised now is the perfect time to paint walls!

I’m thinking of a bold colour choice in one room and my inner painter & decorator is signing a happy tune!!


The sound of… windows… being silent…

September 25, 2018

Things have been busy here at the Chez recently as Ol’Untucked prepares for The Great Window Project. Quotes have been gotten. Things have been measured. Architraves removed. Deposits paid. Bank account put into therapy.

Yes, we’re having a bit of Chez TLC and it involves an eye-watering amount of window replacement. But, I think it’s a good thing to do as it will make life quieter (thank you thicker glass) and all the old, bad wood will be replaced with new stuff. Should set the place up for at least the next 10 years!

Mostly though I’m looking forward to it being quieter. With new neighbours to arrive soon at the back of the block, bringing cars and the rest that that entails, I’m hoping I’ll be less annoy-able. I want to love my neighbours. This should help!

For now though, I’m feeling very European (no curtains).


I know what he means

August 10, 2018


When you realise you need more candles

August 5, 2018

Ol’Untucked returned to the Chez the other night, after a hard day’s work at Small Island Nation, to find there was no power! Seeing as this was the day the building-site shirts had been cutting the concrete at the front of our shared property, I was pretty sure they’d f$%^&# up.

First I checked the fuse box and flipped all the switches and then I rang the power supply company to check the line to the property was working etc. Two inches of mud on my good shoes later (meter box is where there used to be concrete), it was clearly not my house or the incoming power line. So I called the builder. Then I called the site supervisor for good measure.

After watching them – and their sparky – try all the things I’d tried, they finally got around to searching for a cut line beside/beneath the concrete. Took a while, but there it was; naked, broken wires. Whoever was handling the cutter is lucking they’re still alive I think. But at least it was simple enough to solder the wire and cover it.

On to the point of this post… candles.

Good thing Ol’Untucked carries a torch, is all I’d say to begin with, because the street light is kind of pathetic so I’d have had fun finding anything in the fuse box, without it. I could probably have found my way to the matches and a candle, without it, but they do live in different rooms… I was regretting the candle cull I did a few years back. Not only were they once near the matches but the remaining candles are more decorative than practical.

I know it’s not that likely that anyone will cut my power line again, but I can’t help thinking that a couple candles won’t hog much space in the kitchen.

After all the activity, I declined the builder’s offer to get the hose and remove the inch of mud from my stairs and landing for me. I just wanted to throw a movie on and relax. But they were all very good about coming so quickly and sorting it out.

I think we’re all looking forward to the point – only a few weeks away – when everything is finished. I’m definitely having a “they’ve poured the new driveway” party. So much mud. So many years.


Still sick, but winning

July 18, 2018

One thing a persistent cough doesn’t diminish Ol’Untucked’s enjoyment of is soccer. Particularly World Cup soccer.

So, the upside of many days on the couch has been watching replays of different matches. Aaah.

And, as an extra bonus, I just happened to have drawn France in the office sweep so they’ve been my team through the whole event. I’ve never had a sweep entry win for me before! In fact I’m not much of a winner of things, so it’s a triple excitement; good football, a cash prize and I won!!!

Take that, you horrible cough.


The illness tipping point

July 14, 2018

There’s this point when I have a cold that, if someone casually asks me “how are you?” I can’t do the socially acceptable thing and go “I’m good”, because it’s such an obvious lie. Usually that point is when my symptoms include “chipmunk voice” or instantaneous coughing on trying to speak.

We won’t talk about why I’m in an office full of healthy people when I have a virus.