Security chuckles

May 15, 2019
webcomic from xkcd

Another excellent chuckle from xkcd


Noise cancelling headphones…

May 3, 2019

Not far back, Ol’Untucked decided to buy some noise cancelling headphones.  The type that generate “white noise” as well as blocking sound physically from reaching your ears.

I have to say that they are kind of awesome.

Probably shouldn’t admit to this, but they have been most useful for filtering out two (annoying) management shirts at Small Island Nation. Both have just the right kind of voices that the noise cancelling cancels them completely!

Not that I bought them for that – I was testing them in different environments when I discovered this – but I’ve been enjoying it. So restful.

And, in related news… I have finally left Small Island Nation! After nearly 2 years of a 4 month contract, it is time for a short break and then something shiny and new.



April 7, 2019

a webcomic by xkcd


It was harder without the internet… rock collecting I mean.

March 25, 2019

Ol’Untucked started collecting rocks and minerals as a small t-shirt. Back then, if you found/bought/received an interesting something, but lost the tag, or wasn’t sure if it was rightly named, you relied on the books you had and experts you knew. That’s meant I’ve had a few strays in the collection that have been question marks for years.

As a part of re-arranging my display case to accommodate new acquisitions, I decided to do some sleuthing on what a few specimens are. The internet has been kind!

There is now a confirmed identification of a pretty specimen I thought I had right, but wasn’t sure about. I have identified one that was in dispute, as a mineral I didn’t know I had. (Very satisfying ticking that off in the book.)

I’ve also finally worked out what some odd little shell like things I was given a loooong time ago are.

All round it has been a good few weeks in the history of my collection.

Turns out the shell like things are doors (top pic) to tapestry turban shells (pic below with one acting as a door). Cooool!


Rock of the day #5

March 22, 2019

Another new acquisition. In typical Ol’Untucked fashion, I’d forgotten I already had a neat little sample of adamite already, but I’m happy to own two! I love this one for the interlopers on the right and the shelf like shape of the base mineral (limonite).

adamite crystals on limonite



More capsicum!

March 20, 2019

Ol’Untucked thought the capsicum season was over and that I’d have to wait and see if there was a winter fruiting again this year. But no. We have had just the right weather to have flowers and now little fruit showing up. One even got big and red while I wasn’t looking… sneaky.

Now I just have to finish roasting the last of the last picking! Sheesh.


Rock of the day #4

March 17, 2019

This is a new one! Or, rather, it’s a new sample of something Ol’Untucked owns in a different form.

It doesn’t work as well in static images, but what ulexite does when you cut and polish it like this piece, is it projects the image behind onto its front face. Hopefully you can see that from the second pic!

A naturally fibre optic mineral. Oh the geeky goodness…

Polished piece of ulexite sitting on a tag

text seen through the top of a polished piece of ulexite