Have bean wondering…

July 19, 2017

For reasons that have nothing to do with gardening, Ol’Untucked recently looked into whether you can grow coffee beans in Umber. Turns out you can… in theory. I’m not so convinced that it’d work in practice, but it got me thinking about where around the Chez I could plant a coffee hedge!

Not that you pick them and have a cup of coffee the same moment, of course. But I’m curious what they taste like… and the plants are attractive too. Maybe I could have a hedge of coffee with a tea boarder? This would please me no end.

Then maybe there would have to be a cocoa plant… okay, that might be a step too far.


My new favourite food

July 3, 2017

Ol’Untucked likes trying new foods and, lets face it, there are so many foods in the world to try that I never will run out. But right now, what’s tickling the old taste buds are these marshmallows filled with grape jelly. Soooo yummy…

Better yet, I’m slowly getting all the shirts who sit near me at Under the Eye of Horus addicted to them too!


What percentage of your brain…?

June 19, 2017

Some days Ol’Untucked is convinced that the brain has left the building. In fact I think this pretty often and it always gets me wondering what number of brain cells it needs to leave behind, holding the fort, while it goes does something more fun. You might think that’s odd and you might be right, but I’m just constantly sure that I’m not really using my brain.

To get through an average Untucked day involves very little planning, decision making, calculation, or even speech. Of course there’s the ability to move the body and keep breathing. There’s also remembering (well, sometimes) and I suppose there’s spacial awareness (i.e. let’s not get hit by a car). There are things like digestion going on too, which I assume my brain is in charge of…

Still, when you add it all up, it seems like not much brain usage.

I guess because I know what my brain is capable of I recognise the difference. In the past there were major projects planned and executed! There have been things learnt, understood and applied! There have even been successful cases of problem solving! Nowadays, not so much.

Of course a big part of this is the kinds of work I’m employed to do which is – let’s be honest – not very challenging for my brain. Eye of Horus is one in a long line of employers where I probably use half a brain cell to achieve what they pay me for. Not because I’m clever – in case you’re wondering – but just because the work is basic.

Also I don’t do so much stuff in my non-work life as I used to. Or else it all just got less challenging? Maybe. Anyway, none of these musings answer the most important question of all… What is my brain doing when it’s not in my head?


Carrots are hilarious

May 17, 2017

Ol’Untucked has a soft spot for carrots. They are crunchy. They are tasty. They are a nice colour.

Still, there is one more thing I like about them… they’re funny. Not in a tells-the-best-jokes way of course (I’d be checking what you’re eating if the carrots speak to you) but in this kind of a way:

a twisty forked carrot


Shuffling furniture

May 12, 2017

The minor Chez upgrade that happened back in March, led Ol’Untucked to consider rearranging the furniture in the comfy zone. Not that it wasn’t already laid out well, but a new airconditioner suggested adjustments.

These changes have been made, but it’s weird; there’s now more space than there was before. The comfy zone now seems a bit empty, even though nothing has been removed. It’s even got me thinking I could put my desk in there so it’s in an airconditioned room for the hot days of the summer.

That is the problem with rearranging things in one room… it can spread to others.


The harvesting of the apples

May 7, 2017

April brought the apple harvest to the house of the wolf. Tart green apples. Sweet, crisp and rosy skinned apples.

These will end up in tarts, jams, sauces and also in Ol’Untucked’s tummy. In fact a few already have. Delicious!

apples laid out on newspaper on a table



May 2, 2017

Ol’Untucked doesn’t hike, but at the Chez there is a suspicious collection of items hikers, climbers and campers use. This is entirely due to my natural attraction to gear. Any kind of useful gear.

It only takes a vague usefulness for any little thing to seek like a thing I should own. I offer no excuse. I like buying this kind of kit.

Of course, if you read this blog, you won’t be at all surprised to find one of my favourite bits of gear is a hand warmer. Not only are they useful in the cold, but they warm because of chemistry and I go all weak at the knees at chemistry!