Soundtrack for the mother ship

April 23, 2017

There’s a building site near The Eye of Horus where they’ve been doing some kind of percussive work (jack hammering bedrock maybe) and the sonic result of this was a fast growing reverberation that grew to a loud maaaaahhp sort of sound. It was geeky-me-fascinating as I tried to picture the phase diagram that would represent that sound forming, but what really appealed to me was how perfect the sound was for your first glimpse of an alien mother ship. A menacing one.

Does Ol’Untucked watch too many movies? Possibly…


The apocalypse mightn’t be what you think…

April 12, 2017

webcomic from xkcd



Funding life

March 29, 2017

After what was supposed to be a short time at Under the Eye of Horus, Ol’Untucked is apparently staying longer…much longer. This has raised questions of why the promise of more work doesn’t make me happy, and just how much cash the long extension will add to my ‘enjoy life’ fund.

Under the Eye of Horus isn’t a bad workplace. I like most of the team I’m working with. The work is easy and the pay is good. So why did I have to fix a fake smile to my face when asked if I wanted to stay? Oddly I just don’t like the place. This is a complex organisation, with a bucket load of territoriality and an attitude that is all about expediency.  That combo gives me a rash.

But, in the hierarchy of bad jobs I’ve done and bad workplaces I’ve survived, this one actually rates low for awfulness. Of course that means I’d be an idiot not to stay, so I’ve switched to looking at how much fatter I can make the old bank balance and what I can spend it on to make this all worthwhile!


Things that happen when you’re at work

March 26, 2017

Today a shirt who lives a few doors down from the Chez asked what was happening with the house beside mine. This is where the rarely seen ‘ghost-neighbours’ live.

In truth, Ol’Untucked has been wondering this very thing for nearly a year now. Aircon sometimes runs. Lights sometimes shine. Bins appear weekly for emptying. Despite this, there haven’t been sightings of actual shirts for all this time. All I knew was that when this house failed to sell about three years back, some young relations of the owner – who’d already bought elsewhere – moved in. I rarely saw them but we did smile and wave.

Going back to the few-doors-down-shirt’s question… there’s been a sign on the front door for about a week. I noticed it, realised it was too far away to read from the street, and immediately forgot it was there. She had actually been to the door, but has trouble reading and was hoping for assistance.

What it said was quite a surprise. Apparently the place got raided by the cops because they’d been growing something illegal!

The things you miss because you’re at work, ey?


The rustler of leaves

March 15, 2017

Around Chez Untucked there has been the sound of something heavy moving through the leaf litter and I’ve assumed it was a feline or an avian friend. No! It turns out that it is a reptilian member of the Chez ecosystem and this makes me very happy.

Of course the only reason I found out about the Rustler of Leaves was that Squeaky was visiting the other day and snuffled it out. This particular kind of lizard defends through aggression, so it came out to face the wolflet foe and I got to meet it up close and personal. It looked a lot like the pic below.

Have to say that I’m a little awed by the size of this new friend. Most of my reptilian co-habitors are about a tenth the size! But that explains the sound of crunching leaves that’s been puzzling me.

Another mystery may have been solved by the revelation that this critter lives with me… someone had been collecting the tom-thumb tomatoes from my plants and ‘collecting’ them in a spot between some bricks. Considering the Rustler of Leaves is an omnivore methinks it could be responsible.

image of an eastern blue-tongued lizard on a log


Ghostly man-print

March 7, 2017

You might have noticed Ol’Untucked’s been a bit absent recently… well that’s because it’s been all go around the Chez with a “small” upgrade having occurred to the place. Carpenters, painters, glaziers and assorted other trades people have been wandering about like busy worker ants. A process which my tomato plants miraculously survived despite being in the way of much of the work!

The funniest and, I’ll admit, creepiest part of this process was coming home to find a ghostly body print (body and four fingers + thumb) on the floor. Obviously one shirt had worked up a sweat before lying down to try and replace a panel on my heater. Sweat met plaster dust and the result was a creepily recognisable shape-o-man! Weird.

Thankfully the man-print washed off. I couldn’t look at it without imagining a destructo-ray or that x-files episode where a guy is exposed to dark matter (I think) and if his shadow touched people all that was left of them was then their shadow.

But now, the living room has shiny new windows, insulation under the floor, a fresh coat of paint and an air conditioner. Go Chez!


Anything can be a chip

February 6, 2017

Ol’Untucked’s taste buds have a thing for chips/crisps. Thing is they are not fussy about what a chip is made from. They like apple chips as much as potato chips and, right now, they’re obsessed with brown rice chips. Yes, brown rice chips! They are salty and delicious.

Funny thing is that I don’t generally like rice based snacks. I don’t know why exactly but they just don’t do it for me on either a flavour or texture front, so I suspect it is the brown rice thing that is pleasing me here.

Overall though, it does show you can make a chip out of pretty much any kind starchy thing.